Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marie Atoinette blogging award

I have been awarded this blogging award from Karen The INKredible journey. Thanks Karen.
The rules are link those who awarded you and list 7 other nominees deserving the award.
1.Shelley Germann Stampin' Garden
2.Ramona Michaluk Ramona's home of creatation
3.Fiona Fabiyanic Fab Creations
4.Lisa Spaingler sideoats+scribbles
5.Donna Butternut Sage Desgins INKin Fun
7.Jen D Stamp Your Heart Out
Check out all these blogs they are all fantastic.


INKcredible Girl said...

go you

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey,

I'm just blog hopping the NZSU sites & popped in to say Hi :o)

Ramona Michaluk said...

I've just checked my emails after being out all day and found yours telling me that you have nominated me for an award. What a wonderful surprise - thank you so much!

We have only just 'met' recently so I feel really honoured that you like my blog enough to present me with this award.

Now, if you go to Convention in May, we will definitely have to meet up so that I can thank you in person.

This was so kind of you - hugs :-)

fmfab said...

Oh wow - what a cool surprise! Thanks so much Tracey!! And only after 1 week of blogging. It has been a really fun time so far and I am enjoying being so creative! Thanks

sideoats + scribbles said...

Hi Tracey! Thanks so much for the award, I really appreciate it -- thanks so much. Hugs!

And congratulations on receiving it! Love your blog! :)


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