Monday, July 27, 2009

A few gifts

You might have seen this fantastic paint tin on Amy's blog "me & mi stamps". Little did I know that her me & mi monday's project 1 was meant for me. Wow and yum its fulled with red liquorice. Good friends are hard to find and I'm soooo lucky that Amy is my best and longest friend/sister I have had. Thanks soooo much Amy:)

When I put my name down to participate in the swap at UStamp, I never thought I'd get the BEST swap sister ever. Lucky, lucky me I recieved these 2 cards, a box in a bag and a little treat bag filled with M&Ms from my swap sister Debbie Keane. Debbie also sneaked a tshirt from her home in Virginia beach, Virginia, USA. I will post what I sent Debbie when I know she has recieved them, I don't want to spoil her surprise:) check out Debbies blog she creates some fantastic things. I am so Lucky that Dawn asked me to join her UStamp team other wise I wouldn't have meet Debbie or any of my other Ustamp friends. As I said lucky lucky me!!!!



Beautifully written girlfriend!! you are worth it!!!

Holly's Stampin Ground said...

You did get the best swap sister you lucky tart!!!! hehehe

Debra Keane said...

Gosh Tracey. I'm blushing. I'm going to have to send you some more stuff just so I can hear how wonderful I am!!! lol. Seriously it was a lot of fun and after this week and convention are over i may have to put another box together with some fun stuff!!! I love what your friend Amy made for you too. I loved that DSP she used. Of course we don't have that anymore either. Talk to you soon. You're the best!!


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