Tuesday, December 1, 2009

End of year blowout winners

Sorry this post is late!!! I have been without a computer for a few days because some lovely person gave me a virus:( But my fantastic computer guy Craig has me back up and running Whaaaa Whoooo!!! I must say I was a bit lost with out my computer but its all good now;-)
Any how lets get back to business!
I have used RANDOM.ORG number service to pick my 2 winners!!
And the winners are.......................................
Number 2 and Number 10
So Shelley and Rachael knight are the lucky winners!! Whop Whop!!!
Thanks to everyone that took the time to leave a comment;-)
If you want to sign up or check out what UStamp is about go here!!!

1 comment:

Rachael Knight said...

Woo hoo! Thanks Tracey, this made my day! Can't wait to see what goodies you've been coming up with for UStamp!

Thanks so much!


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