Friday, January 8, 2010

Treats in the post and UStamp pass winner!

Lucky me I went to check the letter box a few days ago and there was this beautiful card and a treat in there from Makeesha thanking me for being a guest designer in November. Thanks Keesh I had a blast!!!

Then yesterday when I got the mail I got a box full of chocolate treats from my dear friend Debbie from the US. I can't show you them all because some just disappeared when I opened the box. he he!!! Thanks so much Debbie:-)!
And now the winner of the UStamp pass......

I thought since its my son Jacob's birthday today I would get him to pick a winner for the UStamp pass! He thought it was a great idea and picked out number 15!
So KimB you are the lucky winner Whaaaaa Whoooo!!!
If you email me I will get your free pass sent out to you!
Thanks everyone that took the time to leave me a comment I wish I could give you all a pass:-) But alas I only have one to give away, but you never know when I might get another one. he he!


Karen said...

Ohhhhhhh wow!!! Your lucky Trace! All I get in the darn mail is bills and big ones at that! lol


Unknown said...

I've got a question about Ustamp. Do the projects use product that we can get our hands on, or do we make adjustments to suit what is on our market?


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