Sunday, July 11, 2010

Double pocket purse

This is the longest I have ever gone without posting! Life has been so crazy lately! Hopefully it will calm down in the next couple of weeks! I so miss having time to stamp and update my blog!
I thought I would share with you my first project I designed for The early summer UStamp that is on at the moment! I love making purses and this round I designed yet another purse to hold a card and a chocolate bar! What else would you put in a purse to give as a gift! LOL!!! Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!
Thanks so much to everyone that takes the time to leave comments! I love reading them all!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!


Karen said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE!!! You're such a clever girl Trace! lol


Michelle said...

I LOVED making this project, Tracey! And you will have seen my end result on UStamp. It was lots of fun and Very Manageable!

Kristen Conant said...

This is cool! Your ideas are AWESOME!!! Keep them coming!

Debra Keane said...

Hey Sista! Love the purse but where's the picture of the chocolate? lol! Miss our chats. It's been crazy over here too and trying to get ready for convention. Hope to catch up with you soon.


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