Saturday, April 16, 2011

A good egg Easter basket

Ok so I have found alittle time to quickly update! I have been wanting to show you this cute little Easter basket that I made for the big shot brilliance UStamp round! This is a fun little Easter project! Mind you it doesn't look quite the same as the photo anymore I kinda ate all the chocolate! He he he! It was YUMO!!!!!!LOL! Well I have to fly I have Things to do!I have had a heap on and to top it off my computer is not working very well it needs to go visit the computer man Craig! I will try to update with my other project from the big shot round in the next few days but I will be going to Auckland anytime in the next week so I will see how I go!

Hope you like the basket!

Thanks for stopping by;-)

Tracey xx


Paula Dobson said...

Such a cool Easter Basket Tracey! But then, I love all of your projects ♥

Anonymous said...

How cute is that basket! LOVE IT!!!
Karen O xx

Anonymous said...

Tracey, I LOVE that basket! (And so did all my stamp club ladies - thank you!)


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